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Lavender Tranquility

Lavender Tranquility 0

Lavender essential oil is known for its classic fresh scent. Historically Egyptians used lavender as perfume and Romans used laveder for bathing. It's no wonder that this amazing oil has withstood the test of time. Today many aroma therapists use lavender to improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety. There is just something very intoxicating about this essential oil. 

Unwind at the end of the day with my exclusive lavender tranquility soap. This soap is carefully formulated to ensure you have an unforgettable bath experience. I infused therapeutic grade Lavender Essential oil in my highly popular triple butter blend recipe to create an aromatic spa like experience with Lavender Tranquility handcrafted soap.

This batch was crafted and cut live, you can catch the replay here.   

  • Zakia Ringgold
Mango Butter in Natural Soap Recipes

Mango Butter in Natural Soap Recipes 1

Ahhhh the joys of Mango Butter and our skin absolutely love natures fruit. When I craft my soap recipes I'm looking for conditioning followed by cleansing. Mango butter fits the bill to leave the skin nourished and hydrated! 
Does Your Skin Crave Activated Charcoal?

Does Your Skin Crave Activated Charcoal? 0

If you have dry skin, this gift from mother nature could be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to cleaning your skin with milder ingredients. 
Coconut Oil in Natural Soap Recipes

Coconut Oil in Natural Soap Recipes 0

Coconut oil can be drying to the skin so I carefully formulate my recipes to ensure there is balance with cleansing and moisture. There are several benefits to coconut oil but the primary benefit in my soap making is that it gently cleanses the skin naturally.
More Than Soap

More Than Soap 2

I make vegetable based handcrafted soap as an expression of my creativity, something I have seen, or something that I feel. I often include #morethansoap in my posts and figured it would be a good idea to describe what I mean by #morethansoap. In its essence soap cleans dirt. However the sheer act of creating something from nothing unlocks so much more in the individual creating the work of art.