Coconut Oil in Natural Soap Recipes

Coconut Oil in Natural Soap Recipes

My soap has been formulated with an exceptional blend of the best vegetable oils and butters on the market. One key ingredient in many of my recipes is Coconut Oil. I try to incorporate Coconut oil in as many of my handcrafted natural soap recipes as possible. There are several benefits to this magical vegetable oil including:

  • It contributes to a nice hard bar of soap (Aesthetics)
  • Coconut oil cooperates well with my other ingredients (Behavior)
  • Coconut Oil Gives soap an incredibly bubbly lather
  • Coconut Oil offers incredible cleansing properties which makes it ideal for that squeaky clean that isn't drying
  • The sheer abundance of minerals and nutrients in coconut oil are fantastic for the skin

Coconut oil can be drying to the skin so I carefully formulate my recipes to ensure there is balance with cleansing and moisture. There are several benefits to coconut oil but the primary benefit in my soap making is that it gently cleanses the skin naturally.

If you have never tried natural soap, try our Triple Butter Blend which not only includes shea butter, mango butter and cocoa butter there is also a great boost of coconut oil. 

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  • Zakia Ringgold
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