We are Expanding our Product Line

We are Expanding our Product Line

Lotions and Potions and Shower Gels

Hey Hey Soap Nation! Have you been keeping up with our live streams?

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By popular demand I have decided to begin experimenting with expanding the Natural Soap By Zakia product line to include additional skincare and holistic wellness goodies. I have been reading up on formulations, attending classes and experimenting. I must tell you that I'm in heavy creation mode and if I'm being 100% honest it's both exciting and nerve recking. 

I understand the science of how to make the products but the artistry comes in the formulations. This is where I could spend a lifetime in the pursuit of the next best thing. How do I pick just the right ingredients to create a blend that I would love to use and also one that you all would adore. 

Here's a video of our first Shea Lotion. Needs a little tweaking but we are off to a GREAT start. 


All of you in soap nation are such a diverse group of people with such a wide array of skincare needs. Some of you have dry skin, some of you have acne prone skin, many of you are recovering from serious illnesses and need to be mindful of everything that touches your skin. This is constantly playing in the back of mind as I consider what will make it in the final product line. 

I am enjoying the research  aspect of the craft. Understanding which ingredients offer which properties in stay on products and how those ingredients are sourced. This is helping me to narrow down what will be included in our new product lines  AND what they will be made of. 

Follow along on our journey by subscribing and joining live on YouTube or Facebook. I would love to hear your feedback on what you want to see in the shop. 

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